Breaking news:many dead as bridge collapses in Colombia

Tragedy in Colombia as a bridge collapsed in guayabetal municipality on the road that connects Bogotá with the city of Villavicencio cundinamarca department.
   When the structure suddenly collapsed there were about 35 or 40 workers at the site,10 workeres were killed and 8injured.News

Law suit against mercy aigbe for stolen dress

PostWhen we taught the drama must have ended and then a letter was sent to Mercy aigbe regarding a particular red dress that she wore for her 40th birthday party.
 Above is the letter that was written to mercy aigbe regarding the dress that she was accused of stealing from a bride on her supposed wedding day.
    According to mercy aigbe the lingering red dress issue continued this morning as the bride threatened to sue the designer @rikaotobyme and also falsely accused me of conniving with the said designer(without substantial proof of evidenced).
   Having  served rikaotobyne a letter through my lawyer on January 8  to issue an official statement on the above subject matter with clear indications  that I have never met  her before or transacted business with her which she failed to do,I have instructed my lawyer to go ahead and seek redress.
   For the bride in as much as I sympathsize with her,I take exception to her accusing me falsely and trying to cast aspersions on my person. I…

Bobrisky reveals how he makes his money

Male transgender popularly know as bobrisky but real name at birth is idris.let's us into the details of how he makes his money.
 A video he posted was him tweaking and he wrote a caption saying "more dicks". Is anybody getting the gist,that means he goes about " f" word,who knows how he does it.
 According to him,he doesn't care what people think of him and his style provided money keeps rolling in.In his drawer was a huge pile of naira notes.Post

Sex doll:a sin to God and its health hazards

Trending all over social media is "sex dolls".
  Do you think a time would come when sex dolls would replace humans?    Sex dolls are used to satisfy sexual desires,but can never replace the real functions of the human reproductive organ/system.
       Especially on Twitter, men are beginning to say that very soon these dolls would replace women and the female folks are asking can these dolls cook,clean,wash,have babies?another man said,very soon.       But the fact still remains that this is a sin against God and humanity, because the Bible is against masturbation and so this is another form of masturbation as it has no human feeling.
Health hazards of sex dolls You become addicted to the doll,so much so that you wouldn't be needing a companion which can result to depression It takes away your natural feelings and emotions thereby making you melancholy It lowers your sex drive thereby making you a hard but to crack Takes away your sexual desires, as a result makes you…

cute Ghanian actor,Aaron adatsi that girls are crushing on

Born Aaron Adatsi but popularly known as Cyril by his fans after stirring in the movie #yolo,alongside many other stars like Jackie appiah.
 This handsome young actor,hails from Ghana and has starred in many movies in gollywood.And since then Aaron adatsi has risen to fame,after catching the attention of many fans with his young,cute and innocent look.  Attended the university of Ghana to study theater arts.Link

What shithole really meant Donald trump

Post    News sites,TV stations all buzzing with the news of @realdonaldtrump statement on immigration, referring to countries like Africa, Haiti as "shithole".
     Donald trump spoke to the journalist of CNN saying that he " is the least racist person ".
Shithole meant a place of crime all manner of ill things that you can ever think of in a society. He further said that these countries bring in all forms of crimes e.g rape and so on, that he prefers Norwegians to these countries.  This is understandable because it is an European country and a civilised one at that,this will foster more development for the united states.Newspapers

Lagos road:trucks are back again

Owing to the closure of some sea ports in several other states,Lagos road especially apapa wharf road has been the home for many drivers and trucks as they ply the road in other to get in and offload there goods.
      This has been the faith of the citizens living around the area,as a result of there occupying the major roads,traffic congestion has been the fate of many lagosians as majority of the roads are not broad enough.
   However these people and trucks,spends day and night trying to enter the port,thereby risking there lives as the roads of Lagos state is not a safe haven.
side view of a truck parked by the roadside This is on the small road of Wilmer,as this causes traffic everyday.NewsPost

Top five way to kill yourself faster

HIV is overrated, what you should be scared of is Hepatitis B virus, far more easily transmitted and worst possible outcome is liver cancer which is Top 5 most painful way to die.
      Health expert warns these days about HIV, owing to the fact that so many people now neglect the use of condoms,claiming sex is not sweet with condoms.Even have oral sex with a partner whom they are not sure of his/her HIV or hepatitis status.
    Human papilloma virus;so many are ignorant of this dreaded disease. Unfortunately it is not been talked about like the two earlier mentioned.sexual transmission, is the most commonest route through which it invades the human body cells and causes death,because it has no cure.
    Sexually transmitted infection (sti),if not treated properly or diagnosed earlier would cause and irreversible prognosis. Chlamydia is one of such danger signs when noticed should be attended to immediately.
Herpes virus,affects the human system by passing the reproductive tract …

Meet Riley the detective who is at your service

Riley,a 12weeks old puppy is the newest and youngest detective of the Boston's museum of fine art,trained to sniff and find criminal suspects.
Citation He is smart and clever,work for a whole day without wearying out.

Accident along okeoduno in akure ondo state

Viewers discretion:
  A little version of the accident was shown here.This happened in akure,ondo state at about 1:15pm,it involved a private car,a bus and a container loaded even though no lives where lost.

The car collided with the bus and an oncoming truck that was loaded.News Due to the fuel scarcity the queue in the fuel Stations where massive as commuters where lined up outside the fuel station.Prices of buses from Lagos to akure hiked up to #2550,which got passengers surprised and many wondering what the country was turning into.

First class graduate aspiring to become a farmer

Despite Making First Class in Computer Science, My Dream is to Be a Farmer – Faith Ojumah, McPherson University Best Graduate

Incredible right!well she said it and that's her aspiration.

Emmaohmagod:qualities to look out for when choosing a wife

The most sort after comedian of the federal republic of Nigeria, emmaohmagod: popularly known for his memes.Earlier today was interviewed by the female TV presenter of entertainment splash showing on tvc,honeypot;on what qualities to look out for, when picking a wife.
   What would you pick between the four if been asked to:loyalty, education, financial stability, beauty.And as usual emmaohmagod picked three from the two he was asked to choose from,and they are loyalty, education, and beauty. Honeypot pressured him to choose two but he insisted on the three,saying that he cannot drop one,reasons been that:if his woman is loyal to him,she wouldn't go about sleeping with other men.
  And he wouldn't want to wake up to an ugly woman in bed all night, because that could be frustrating as well and it could lead to unnecessary nagging at the other person. Lol:examples like when she wakes up in the morning you start screaming why did you wake up,and when she serves you breakfast …