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Dr sid backlashed a Twitter user for abusing him

Quite reasonable that Dr did has been away from music scenes for sometime now,but is that enough reason for anyone to disrespect him and his late father?
    As much as we love our celebrities and what they do,privacy still stands and not talking them down.Mmm

Mmm founder passes on at 67

Russian businessman, Sergei Panteleevich Mavrodi, whose pyramid scheme deprived millions, including Nigerians, of their savings has died, aged 62.      According to reports by Russian media, Mavrodi was rushed to the hospital March 25 and died hours later. Described as a Russian criminal and a former deputy of the State Duma, Mavrodi founded the МММ series of pyramid schemes. MMM stands for the first letters of the founders’ surnames – Sergei Mavrodi, Olga Melnikova and Vyacheslav Mavrodi. According to various estimates, the number of participants of the MMM scheme has reached 10-15 million people. News

Fashion alert:Retro vintage navigator sunglasses

All my fashionistas out there, this is a new trend alert for lovers of sunglasses by Marc Jacobs.
   It's a retro vintage navigator sunglasses worn by Miranda makaroff and Pilar zeta.These sunglasses are trending right now.

Justice Ngwuta finally free as all charges null

Justice Sylvester Ngwuta,was found innocent and all the 13 count charge against him annulled as he was earlier convicted for fraud and money laundry.
   Finally he breathed the air of freedom yesterday.

Genevieve Nnaji in sizzling hot photo with Dad

Owner of Genevieve magazine and the 90's star actress in a sizzling hot photo with her dad.
    Genevieve and her Dad, had this similar youthful glow or probably she inherited it from her Dad.News

Breaking news: admission into school of nursing Akure is now via jamb

Ondo state school of nursing Akure(Sonak)is one of the many school of nursing that offers a diploma in Nursing. The school with it's disciplinary activities ensures that it's student are well trained in the field.
    School of nursing Akure which has been handed over to university of Akure,now set to become a degree awarding institution of nursing instead of diploma. So all entry into the school,is now via jamb and not purchase of forms in the school.News

Donald trump jnr and wife finally splits up

Report has it that on Thursday march 2018,Donald trump junior and wife finally annulled there 12years old marriage.

Prof.Yemi Osinbanjo and wife gives out daughter for engagement

The engagement ceremony of the vice president of Nigeria professor Yemi Osibanjo daughter      Vice president Yemi Osinbanjo today gave out his precious daughter Oludamilola Osinbanjo to Olusegun Bakare.The engagement ceremony which was attended by top dignitaries in the country,including the wife of the president: Aisha Buhari.News

Fuel prices to hike up again in March

As a result of the fuel scarcity and long queues in fuel stations, in States across the nation:Akure and communities. The fuel price,would hike up again.
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